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I have collected hundreds of pictures from lantern clocks on the internet. Those pictures of course belong to people who own the copy-right and I have no permission to show them here. But I would be very pleased if visitors of this website will send me pictures of their lantern clocks and give me permission to add them to this gallery. I hope to start an expanding gallery of lantern clocks.


Olle Johansson living in Eskilstuna - Sweden kindly gave permission to show pictures of his lantern clock. It is a small alarm timepiece with verge pendulum, signed in the arch "John Wainwright Wellingborough No. 1544".
Brian Loomes describes the clock on pages 272 and 507 of his book "Lantern Clocks & their Makers".

Small alarm timepiece made by John Wainwright - Wellingborough.




winged lantern clock made by Richard Ames

A winged lantern clock, signed "Richard Ames near St Andrews Church in Holborne fecit". The pictures of this lantern clock were made by an anonymus collector who kindly gave permission to put them on this web page.




a fine example of a dolphin fret

This fret was signed "Jeffery Bayley Neare Turn Still in Holborne". The pictures were taken by Mike Rogers from Somerset, England who is the owner of the fret.




Two lantern clocks in Schoonhoven

In June 2006 I took pictures in "Het Nederlands Goud-, Zilver- en Klokkenmuseum" (Dutch Museum of Gold, Silver and clocks) in the town of Schoonhoven, which has two English lantern clocks in its collection. More pictures of the two clocks are below.

Francis Foreman

This is a fine example of a small First Period Clock from Francis Foreman, who worked in London the first quarter of the 17th century. Francis Foreman was one of the founding fathers of the the Worshipful Company of Clockmakers of London (established in 1631). This ancient guild probably is the oldest still active horological institution in the world.
The lantern clock is re-converted to its original balance wheel.

The other lantern clock in the collection of the Schoonhoven museum is a clock of the important maker Richard Ames, who worked in London the second half of the 17th century. This normal sized lantern clock is, again, re-converted to a balance wheel. It is signed "Richard Ames neere St. Andrews Church in Holborn Londini Fecit".
Brian Loomes, the well-known dealer and expert on lantern clocks, has written a very interesting article about Richard Ames. It is published on his website Brian Loomes. Look at the bottom of the website for "Articles on clock collecting".

Some detail pictures of the Ames clock. Especially the Tulip engraving is of high quality.

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